2020 World Cancellation Letter


We regretfully announce that the 2020 IBO World Championship is officially canceled.  After waiting for days to speak to the Governor’s office and being told that a phone call would be forthcoming, we received word today that they are standing by their original mandates and our event would not be allowed to take place.  

Speaking with Seven Springs’ General Manager and Director of Sales, they explained there is no way to hold the event which has limitations of 250 people including all resort and IBO staff.  On top of the event numbers being restricted, they are not allowed to have more than 10 people on a bus at one time which makes it impossible to transport shooters during the event.

Since the day we found out about the new mandates, the IBO has been working to find an alternate site to move the event.  We looked into several locations trying to find a place that could accommodate our needs while ignoring the massive amount of work that would need to be done.  Unfortunately, previous shoot locations that are big enough to handle the event could not allow us to come and those that could, did not have sufficient lodging and food supplies to accommodate our needs.  We also inquired about a legal remedy only to find out that we did not have legal standing to fight the mandates in court.  In the end, we were unable to move our culminating and most prestigious tournament of our 2020 season.

We apologize for not being able to provide a World Championship and offer closure to a tumultuous but otherwise successful year.  If we come away with just one lesson from this terrible experience, it would be that elections have consequences and when we choose our elected officials, we need to make sure they have our interests at heart.  When politicians exert their authority and mandate to the people without knowing all the facts or even allowing the facts to be heard, then there needs to be accountability.  There has never been an election year more important to our future and our American way of life so please exercise your right to vote and please vote to protect our freedoms because they are not only being attacked from outside forces but also from within. 

Here are some important pieces of information for the conclusion of our season:



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